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We deliver a high quality, independent and objective business appraisal and valuation service to private companies

Why value your business?

Exit Strategy

Exit strategy

If you are planning on selling your business it’s important to get a professional valuation which you can use as a guide and negotiation point



Independent valuations are often required for tax purposes



An independant share valuation may be required to resolve disputes between shareholders



Divorce proceedings require an individuals statement of affairs. A valuation of shares in privately held companies will be required for this.

Why Business Valuation Professionals?

At Business Valuation Pro we use our company valuation judgements and skills to value the business on using an appropriate valuation method for its circumstances. We consider all aspects of the business – its future cashflows, any off balance sheet assets such as intellectual property, risks,  taxation liabilities etc – to produce a valuation that both suits both your needs and is justifiable to the tax authorities for  tax , personal and transactional  purposes.

Business valuation methods

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There are many valuation techniques such as Price/Earnings models, asset book values, EBITDA/EBIT multiples,discounted future cashflows, the Capital Asset Pricing Model, break up valuations, going concern valuations, fair values, and owner values.

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